Repair Vinyl Bounce Houses, Jumping Castles and Inflatable Slides and Obstacle courses December 02 2015

Running a bounce house, jumping castle or any other amusement hire business where vinyl repairs are needed can be difficult at times. 

We should know as we operate one of the world's largest inflatable amusement businesses. Vinyl tears to our Bounce Houses (Jumping Castles), Inflatable Slides, Water Slides, Obstacle Courses and other inflatables is common.

Vinyl repairs can be required from staff delivering the inflatable and tearing the vinyl underside of the inflatable or from general wear and tear, sharp objects tearing the inflatable or simply from guests sliding down and tearing the vinyl skin cover. 

In our experience we have arrived at hires and started to set up only to find the inflatable bounce house has a tear. We used to pack it up and offer a refund to the client or try and rush another bounce house to the client. Then the bounce house would be taken to a vinyl repair centre and repaired by professionals using a sewing machine. 

Another option was to use a multipurpose tape to repair the vinyl or gaffe tape on site. The problem was this type of tape is not good enough to repair a vinyl repair on a bounce house even temporarily as the glue takes ages to cure and there is no give in the tape.

Enter our product which is called fixmytear. We have developed over years of testing a vinyl repair tape that will knock your socks off. Cheaper than Tear-aid and because it is multipurpose you can not only repair vinyl, it sticks to and repairs Tents, Kayaks, Canvas, plastic and many more outdoor products that require a quick repair. 

Our bounce house vinyl repair tape provides a tape that will cure to 50% within 15 minutes of applying and within 3 hours it will cure to 100%. Easy to put on and somewhat hard to pull off. Add that the vinyl repair tape is made from a special material that stretches to 5 times its length and width and the tape will keep curing while your guests are bouncing on their vinyl bounce house. This allows the tape glue to bond to the vinyl and takes the strain off the glue. Something lacking in Gaffe tape. 

fixmytesr has been specially formulated for vinyl repairs by people that have been in your business for over 20 years so we should know what needs to be done to repair vinyl. Our glue has been developed with you in mind and proves an amazing bong agent to the vinyl. 

fixmytear is a clear tape so it can be used on any colour and adheres to the vinyl under pressure, under water (so it is a water proof repair tape as well). Our vinyl repair tape is heat resistant so won't pull off in heat and because it is waterproof it can be used on water slides and repairs to pool liners as well. 

Fixmtear vinyl repair tape is easy to cut and easy to apply. We have even made a cut in the backing paper so your greasy fingers won't need to touch the glue at any time when apply. 

Simply clean the area with alcohol wipes, apply the vinyl repair tape, massage it in and its ready to go. Your patrons will be back on the inflatable within minutes while the glue starts its curing process.