fixmytear - 2 ft


This 60cm fixmytear repair tape patch can be used to fix multiple tears by making your own repair patches or to fix one large tear. For larger tears, you will need multiple layers to ensure the tear is strong enough. This fixmytear patch measures in at 60cm x 7.6cm (24 inches x 3 inches). It will be sent to you in an envelope via Airmail.

Use it to fix tears in truck curtains, jumping castles, bouncy castles, bounce houses, inflatable boats, pool lining, tents and more. fixmytear is also applicable to canvas, awnings, vinyl diner seats, boat sails, kite-surfing equipment, tents and rubbers (wetsuits).

Fix your tear easily, without breaking your wallet. fixmytear is made from thermoplastic polyurethane, which has extremely high tensile strength, flexibility and abrasion resistance. The layer of glue adhesive is activated when pressure is applied, forming a reliable cohesion between surfaces.

fixmytear exceeds the requirements in textile applications, specifically in vinyl and vinyl coated products such as jumping castles, inflatables, boats, truck curtains, boats, parachutes, tents and more.

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